Kettenkrad auf Video

Kettenkrad auf Video: "Kettenkräder im Film
Fotos sind ja ganz nett. Viel schöner ist es aber, das Kettenkrad in voller Bewegung zu sehen. Video macht es möglich. Die folgenden Videos sind direkt verlinkt mit Youtube.

Videos aufgenommen bei "Tanks in Town" in Mons, Belgien"

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gamescom Special Offer | News | World of Tanks

gamescom Special Offer | News | World of Tanks: "gamescom, gamescom, gamescom!  This weekend is all about the biggest European video gaming event. Whether you are there in person enjoying the Wargaming events on site or if you are finding out what’s happening there via the Live Stream channel, you can also come and enjoy the party on the battlefield!   For this purpose, we are offering a very special offer during the days of gamescom."

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‘The_Challenger’ at Tankfest 2012 | News | World of Tanks

‘The_Challenger’ at Tankfest 2012 | News | World of Tanks:

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Version 7.5 is ready to deploy! | News | World of Tanks

Version 7.5 is ready to deploy! | News | World of Tanks:

 "You’ve been waiting for it and now it has come!  The 7.5 update for World of Tanks has now been released!

In addition, Clan Wars will be down for maintenance and will be unavailable for one day as follows:
Clan Wars maintenance begins at 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT) on Wednesday 1st August.
Clan Wars maintenance ends at 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT) on Thursday 2nd August.

Those players with an active premium account at the time of the maintenance on Wednesday 1st August will receive one day's worth of premium as compensation.  In addition, compensation will also be made to those eligible for the previous maintenance on 26th July when it wasn't given."

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Picture of the day :)


Yes, we can - a wonderful KURATAS ad video

The Olympic Gods Weekend | News | World of Tanks

The Olympic Gods Weekend | News | World of Tanks: "Experience bonus for the first victory x3 ;
This is the favourite bonus of commanders who are looking to research higher tiers. No explanation needed.

200% of usual credits with the following tanks :

German tier V medium tank PzKpfw IV
French tier VI light tank AMX 12t
American tier V tank destroyer M10 Wolverine
Soviet tier V heavy tank  KV-1
Earn twice the usual amount of credits with these vehicles!

50% discount on the following tanks :

German tier VII heavy tank PzKpfw VI Tiger
French tier VII heavy tank AMX M4 (1945)
American tier VII medium tank T20
Soviet tier VII heavy tank IS"

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Wargaming.com - Tier X Meds and TDs Invade World of Tanks

Wargaming.com - Tier X Meds and TDs Invade World of Tanks: "Wargaming today announced that Update 7.5 for its free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks is now available in Europe and goes live in North America on August, 2nd."

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23-Panzer-Katzen Introduction, welcome!

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