Tobruk Relieved Special | News | World of Tanks

Tobruk Relieved Special | News | World of Tanks: "  From Saturday, 1st December 07:30 CET (06:30 GMT) until Tuesday, 4th December at 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) you can look forward to following bonuses in the game:

Double crew experience gain
As we all know, experience is the key ingredient in the recipe for delicious victory on the battlefields. So get cooking, commanders!

10,000 extra credits for players who win the Top Gun achievement
 Being the Top Gun of your team now not only earns you a medal, but you’ll also be rewarded with an extra 10,000 credits during our special.

50% discount on the following vehicles:
British Medium Tank Tier IV Matilda
British Light Tank Tier IV Valentine Mk. III
British Light Tank Tier IV A13 Covenanter"

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Änderungen an der Version 8.2 | News | World of Tanks

Änderungen an der Version 8.2 | News | World of Tanks: "Das World of Tanks-Team hat eine Menge statistischer Daten aus unserem ersten öffentlichen Test der Version 8.2 gesammelt. Wir haben diese genau ausgewertet, und uns aufgrund der vorgefundenen Ergebnisse dafür entschieden, die Einführung der chinesischen Panzer von der Version 8.2 auf die nächste Aktualisierung zu verschieben. Dadurch sollten wir genug Zeit haben, notwendige Korrekturen und Verbesserungen vornehmen zu können, um das Spielerlebnis aller neuen Elemente für euch zu perfektionieren."

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Soviet Tanks As Far As The Eye Can See — War History Online

Soviet Tanks As Far As The Eye Can See — War History Online: "Need a tank to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse that everyone else is freaking out about? Make your way to the Kharkov armor repair facility in Ukraine where you can have your pick of hundreds of Soviet-built T-64s, T-72s and T-80 tanks that look like they’ve been abandoned since the collapse of the Soviet Union. "

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Operation Crusader Weekend | News | World of Tanks

Operation Crusader Weekend | News | World of Tanks: "Operation Crusader was a British action that relieved the Siege of Tobruk in November and December of 1941 during the Second World War.  In honor of the commencement and successful completion of this operation, we're offering up some credits boosts and discounts for a few vehicles."

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The Chinese Are Coming | News | World of Tanks

The Chinese Are Coming | News | World of Tanks: "The 8.1 update has already been live for a nice couple of days. At Wargaming we know, that you never have enough of the real steel! That is why we have already planned to bring you the 8.2 update with even more tanks to roll out with by the end of this year."

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Contest: None shall pass | News | World of Tanks

Contest: None shall pass | News | World of Tanks: "More details about the competition can be found below. The contest starts on Wednesday, November 7th and it lasts until Tuesday, November 13th, 23:59 CET (22:59 GMT).

So Commanders, are you ready to tame the Brits?


The winners will be selected by the Community based on the number of tanks destroyed. In the event of a draw, the winners will be decided by the most experience gained.
There are 12 winning slots up for grabs (2 from each of the 6 supported languages: 2 English speakers, 2 German, 2 French, 2 Spanish, 2 Polish and 2 Czech).  The winners will be invited to the Bovington Tank Museum in December. Players will be joined by members of the Community Team and also our Military Specialist."

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Free Bonus Code for Everybody! | Nachrichten | World of Tanks

Free Bonus Code for Everybody! | Nachrichten | World of Tanks: "We know that we owe all of our success to your dedication, and so we want to make good on our promise by bringing you an additional gift to our Golden Joystick Victory Party! As announced, it’s going to be a bonus code, giving you loads of handy consumables to entertain your virtual tank crew. Have a ball at our expense and celebrate with chocolate, strong coffee, cases full of cola and a bunch of extra rations for your courageous men in uniform! On top of it all we give you three days of Premium – all you have to do is go validate your bonus code. Check our dedicated bonus code section to get instructions on how to use it for your account.


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23-Panzer-Katzen Introduction, welcome!

This blog is about "World of Tanks (WOT)", "World of Warplanes (WOWP)" and also "World of Warships" - providing some links to interesting texture artworks for different tanks in WOT / WOWP / WOWS as well as some photo material about historical background and/or museums, scale models and dioramas, websites and places worth a visit - this is just a site about historic tanks, a game and the related information we might collect or publish here.


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