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【0.9.1】少女与战车官方语音四合一-多玩专区坦克世界插件站: "【0.9.1】少女与战车官方语音四合一


Nice and funny voice mod for World of Tanks - Japanese anime girls :)


Tested on actual 9.5 working fine :-)
The 2 files have to be copied to the folder
not into the MODS folder.  
Please backup the original existing files first.
Then change the two ingame voice files and start the game :)




We recruit -23 Panzerkatzen rekrutiert

23 Panzerkatzen is recruiting. 
Apply for membership if you are ...
... from germany or the netherlands england or western europe - our com language is english or german or dutch.
Above 40 years of age. 
Casual gamers, no promises, no regrets. 
We play mostly in platoon in the evenings and weekends.
You will receive the 23 Panzerkatzen tank badge if you apply and join us :-)


Strongholds: New Building – War Department | General News | World of Tanks

Strongholds: New Building – War Department | General News | World of Tanks: "Legionnaires

This new feature will allow up to 5 players who aren’t affiliated to any clan to participate in your clan’s skirmishes. Hiring Legionnaires can be also used for the purpose of testing applicants before admitting them to the clan, or simply to fill vacant slots in the team up for a skirmish."

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Third Public Test of Update 8.9 | General News | World of Tanks

Third Public Test of Update 8.9 | General News | World of Tanks: "Update 8.9 is coming, and it’s time to test the changes!  The World of Tanks development team needs to conduct a thorough test and they want you to take part.

The development team want to make the game as good as possible and getting your feedback is a big part of that.  Taking part in the public test is your chance to let us know your thoughts and suggestions on forthcoming updates.  This means we can review your feedback and make any further changes before the update goes live."

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Open Beta Begins! | Announcements | World of Warplanes

Open Beta Begins! | Announcements | World of Warplanes: "The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us – the World of Warplanes Open Beta has officially launched! We’re excited to open our doors and welcome thousands of new testers to the game. No more waiting time, no more limited access – from now on, everybody can simply download the client and immediately start testing for free! Use your chance to try out World of Warplanes before its official release later this year and share your feedback with our developers to make the game even better!"

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Erster öffentlicher Test des Updates 8.7 | Hauptnachrichten | World of Tanks

Erster öffentlicher Test des Updates 8.7 | Hauptnachrichten | World of Tanks: "Alle World of Tanks – Spieler können an diesem öffentlichen Test teilnehmen. Einzige Bedingung ist, dass ihr euch vor dem 30. Juni 2013 registriert haben müsst. Vorherige Test-Erfahrung ist nicht notwendig. Alles was es braucht ist, dass ihr euch etwas Zeit zum Antesten der neuen Spielfeatures nehmt, und uns im Nachhinein euer Feedback zukommen lasst.

Übersicht aller Änderungen in der Version 8.7
Neue britische SFL-Linie hinzugefügt
Neuer sowjetischer leicher Panzer der Stufe VI hinzugefügt: MT-25
Neuer deutscher Premium-Jagdpanzer hinzugefügt: E-25
Neue Winterkarte hinzugefügt: "Belogorsk-19"
Überarbeitung der Karten "Highway" und "Hafen"’
Überarbeitung und Verbesserung einiger Modelle und Objekte "

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Version 8.6 Released! | Announcements | World of Tanks

Version 8.6 Released! | Announcements | World of Tanks: "A reworked and improved balancing system for the SPGs added and their tech lines reworked, not to mention a lot of other useful improvements – this is the new Version 8.6. Get ready, Commander!

New Map: 'Sacred Valley'
This new Asian autumn map offers a good balance in terms of terrain shape: there are open areas in which you need to be careful not to be shot by the enemy artillery, as well as hills, narrow passages and other terrain providing cover and ambush opportunities. Playing on this map will require flexibility and a good strategic sense.

New Tier V British Premium Heavy Tank: Excelsior
The Excelsior is a nice all-rounded tank; it has a good frontal and turret armor, decent rate of fire and good aiming time. Whilst its top speed isn’t breath-taking, the Excelsior can accelerate at a decent rate and has a pleasant traverse speed. Also, don’t forget that you can use this tank to train crews from other British heavy tanks!"

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Version 7.5 is ready to deploy! | News | World of Tanks

Version 7.5 is ready to deploy! | News | World of Tanks:

 "You’ve been waiting for it and now it has come!  The 7.5 update for World of Tanks has now been released!

In addition, Clan Wars will be down for maintenance and will be unavailable for one day as follows:
Clan Wars maintenance begins at 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT) on Wednesday 1st August.
Clan Wars maintenance ends at 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT) on Thursday 2nd August.

Those players with an active premium account at the time of the maintenance on Wednesday 1st August will receive one day's worth of premium as compensation.  In addition, compensation will also be made to those eligible for the previous maintenance on 26th July when it wasn't given."

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Picture of the day :)


Yes, we can - a wonderful KURATAS ad video

The Olympic Gods Weekend | News | World of Tanks

The Olympic Gods Weekend | News | World of Tanks: "Experience bonus for the first victory x3 ;
This is the favourite bonus of commanders who are looking to research higher tiers. No explanation needed.

200% of usual credits with the following tanks :

German tier V medium tank PzKpfw IV
French tier VI light tank AMX 12t
American tier V tank destroyer M10 Wolverine
Soviet tier V heavy tank  KV-1
Earn twice the usual amount of credits with these vehicles!

50% discount on the following tanks :

German tier VII heavy tank PzKpfw VI Tiger
French tier VII heavy tank AMX M4 (1945)
American tier VII medium tank T20
Soviet tier VII heavy tank IS"

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Picture of the day: HETZER ("Guderian-Ente")

Picture of the day: HETZER ("Guderian-Ente")

23-Panzer-Katzen Introduction, welcome!

This blog is about "World of Tanks (WOT)", "World of Warplanes (WOWP)" and also "World of Warships" - providing some links to interesting texture artworks for different tanks in WOT / WOWP / WOWS as well as some photo material about historical background and/or museums, scale models and dioramas, websites and places worth a visit - this is just a site about historic tanks, a game and the related information we might collect or publish here.


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